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Autodesk Maya 8.5 MACOSX (February 17, 2015)
Autodesk Maya 8.5 MACOSX (February 17, 2015)

Autodesk Maya 8.5 MACOSX (February 17, 2015)

Autodesk Maya 8.5 MACOSX | 1.9GB

Autodesk Maya - a powerful integrated solution for three-dimensional modeling, animation, visual effects and rendering the award-

What's new:

Maya Nucleus Unified Simulation Framework
First installed the next generation technology Maya Nucleus - simulation based on a system of coupled particles (linked particle system), interactive modeling a wide range of different physical phenomena, and working with different types of geometry (curves, non-manifold geometry, polygon mesh with holes, etc. )

Maya nCloth
The first module of Maya, created by the technology of Nucleus, enabling new ways of modeling and control options of clothing, in particular, flexibility, fit, fabric weave density. It is possible to create a "clothes on the clothes," such as a shirt over his trousers, with a plausible behavior of tissues and collisions. The fabric can be folded clothes, stretch, shift, crumple, tear. In addition to clothing Maya nCloth lets you create deformation of plastic and metal, inflatable objects, the effects of solids (rigid-body) and the dynamics of flow (fluidic-type effects). Maya nCloth is supplied as part of Maya Unlimited.


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